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What’s a fractal?

Just one of the main building blocks of the universe. Known as ‘God’s thumbprint,’ these simple math formulas reveal the intricate recursive patterns found within nature, yet still remain one of science’s best-kept secrets. Follow along as we explore the contours, curiosities and creator of this beautiful wonder of the computer age.

"A fractal is a way of seeing infinity." —Benoit B. Mandelbrot


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Self-kewling data centers, 2012
Another groundbreaking 
innovation of the last 20 years

Should Justin Bieber decide to tweet this post into his realm of tween Beliebers—and the Beliebers all retweeted it out at the same time—the Internet’s servers would see a dramatic power spike

Luckily, the rock stars behind IBM US Patent No. 8,107,234 have devised a variable-flow cooling system to help data centers better adjust to demand. A rise in eco-friendlier data centers will help save costs, reduce emissions and make the passing fancy of pop idol fame a lot easier on the energy grid. 

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20 over 20 | Patent no. 19

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