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What’s a fractal?

Just one of the main building blocks of the universe. Known as ‘God’s thumbprint,’ these simple math formulas reveal the intricate recursive patterns found within nature, yet still remain one of science’s best-kept secrets. Follow along as we explore the contours, curiosities and creator of this beautiful wonder of the computer age.

"A fractal is a way of seeing infinity." —Benoit B. Mandelbrot


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Contortionist consumer electronic, 2012

Another groundbreaking 
innovation of the last 20 years

We all love the convenience of a laptop when flying, but with the onslaught of carry-on baggage restrictions and security checkpoints, sometimes you just want to leave it a home. You can’t blame the computer manufacturer, because really, how could they possibly make them any lighter, smaller or thinner? Well maybe they can, thanks to IBM US Patent No. 8,247,261.

Today’s top minds are creating ultra-thin, ultra pliable circuits by “slicing” already existing technology. This means we’ll be able to enjoy extremely durable, thin, and flexible electronics. Flex circuits can be made 10,000 times thinner than a sheet of paper and will create tons of innovative products from smartphones that won’t break to laptops that could quite literally fold up into your pocket. Sure does free up a lot more space in your luggage for souvenirs and duty-free cigars.

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20 over 20 | Patent no. 17

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